Balos Beach is one of the best beaches in Crete, a magical scenery that you should definitely visit once in a lifetime!

You could visit this beautiful beach by car or by cruise boat!

Balos by car is a unique experience!

 It’s a 30-40 min driving trip off-road, it’s not that long distance but you always have to be slowly driving and careful with the dirty road. Then there is a huge parking area and a 30-minute walking route with a breathtaking view of Balos!

For off-road trips, you can use a normal car or rent a jeep or quad for a more adventurous experience! There is also a local company that offers a bus Balos transfer daily!

Please note that on a hot Greek summer day, a 30-minute walking distance is not so easy, so ideally try to visit it early in the morning before also the cruise boats reach the beach!

Requirements for this experience are a hat, sporty shoes and water!

Balos cruise is also a fantastic sea experience! 

There are a lot of options for cruise boats according to your budget and they depart from Kissamos port!

Balos cruises are most of the time combined with a visit to Gramvousa, a beautiful island with crystal clear waters and a beautiful castle on the top!

It is always my pleasure to give you more information and specific links so you will get the best experience exploring the area!